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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I was so excited to find your pattern and for an affordable price. I am going to be starting a puppet ministry at our church and am using my own money to do it, so that means funds are very limited. What a blessing to find this pattern. I will definitely keep checking your web site for new puppet ideas. I am needing a big goofy lion for a funny Daniel and the Lions Den story I want to do. Again, thank you so much. I have already printed out the pattern and can't wait to start making a puppets. May God Bless you and your business!

Lisa W.



Dear Mr. Desmond,

My husband and I just finished our first puppet with great success!  Thanks for the pattern and instructions.  I can tell we're going to have a lot of fun!


Hi Clif,

   I just printed out the pattern and instructions for the Bible puppet.  This is going to be so much fun!  Your instructions are clear and concise and I can already visualize the finished product.  I may make some variations as this is going to be a mascot for a middle school.  We have a fish theme, and my team has fallen in love with the word "verve".  So my job is to create a "verval" for kids to win for a day, when they display energy, creativity, and style.  The idea originally was to be a stuffed animal.  But having taught kids for 18 years, I have observed the magic that happens when you place a puppet in their hands.
     Again thanks, you made it so easy.  God bless.


Quick courteous service, pattern is a cinch, expert directions

sent through Email lightening fast. I love making these puppets. thanks!

Great instructions! Love the download

super fast response, can't wait to start! God bless your ministry

wonderful idea....thanks for the info....started the day I got the email!

Pattern looks like it is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks


excellent. Pattern sent quickly. Answered email quickly with my questions.


WOW, GREAT Product!! Will be great for Sunday School Dept.!!! MANY THANKS!!

Got the pattern and thanks!  I'm going to Bulgaria this summer for a 
mission trip to teach Vacation Bible School.  I'm planning to use 
puppets for storytelling to help with the language barrier.  I've have a 
translator, but the puppets will help so much.  Can't wait to get 
started.  This is just what I was looking for!      -G.S.


Thanks again for this pattern. I was afraid to try to make puppets but this pattern made it easy.



Hi Clif:

I wanted you to know that I was pleased with the Bible Puppet e-pattern I ordered. I think it was clever to use pre-cut felt squares and other simple supplies from craft stores. I have attached some photos. Feel free to add them to your website. The beige puppet was the first one I made. The tan one is the second, which I photographed in stages as I completed it and made clothes.

As an accomplished sewer, I made my own modifications to your BiblePuppet pattern instructions, which you and others are welcome to incorporate into your work.

1. I wanted an easier way to stitch the fingers and arms so I used a doll-making technique. I pinned the 2 felt rectangles together, then traced the outlines of the arms. I machine stitched around the outlines, then cut them out. I machine stitched between the fingers separately.

2. It is easier to stuff the fingers and hand area before the arm is attached to the body, so I stuffed the entire arm piece, then stitched the end closed in a flat seam. I also attached the arms to the body in a flat seam, to give a bendable shoulder joint.

3. I wanted the puppet to be able to stand upright (at least long enough for a photo), so I cut an oval with a circumference of twice the body width. After stuffing, I hand stitched the oval to the bottom of the puppet.

4. In designing the clothes, I made a cross-over v-neck tunic which can be turned around for a plain round neckline, as shown in the pictures of the puppets I made. I also made a reversible vest so it can be used on different puppets to denote different characters.

Thanks for the great pattern!
The puppets were very easy and inexpensive to make.
The hardest part is gluing the mouth in place.

I found some of the clothing at a thrift store for $1!

Our Deacon wanted a Bride, Groom and a Priest for a
Faith Formation skit.
He will be thrilled when he sees the results!
He was expecting sock puppets!!!
Thanks again

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