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One Pattern You Can Make Many Puppets With

Puppetry is a very joyful youth activity.  There is no other art form like puppetry!  The illusion of puppetry is so great that even though the audience KNOWS they are attending a puppet show, they still believe in and follow the characters as if they were real, very  much like how we view animation.

Puppetry is the oldest form of animation.  There is nothing more fun and fulfilling than making your own puppets and performing with them.  Whether you have just an audience of one or an auditorium full, the hardest part of puppetry is dealing with the audience reaction without getting distracted.  You must to learn how to take pauses when the audience laughs or applauses!

The BiblePuppet Pattern & Instruction eBook offers you a basic puppet structure that YOU decide what it becomes.  Every puppet you see on this website was made with this one pattern!  Be sure to click to view the Pictures page!  You might see some YouTube videos featuring puppets made with this pattern.

Coolest of all, when you make your puppets with my pattern, they become YOUR creations!  It's called royalty free!  Once you utilize my pattern I claim no rights or royalties to the puppets you make!  This makes you free to make and sell puppets, create and publish video or television productions.  My greatest reward is when you send me pictures of your puppets and keep me posted on the shows you perform.  I am on Twitter and FaceBook.



I KNOW how creative some of you are!  Once you get the gist of making puppet structures with moving mouths, you will get new ideas and you can make modifications on your own!  You might want a smaller or larger head or arms.  Once you get that moving mouth right, you can try other materials such as fake fur or even printed textured felt, some have actually created animal puppets from this pattern!

The BiblePuppet Pattern & Instruction eBook has been known to come in handy as an almost INSTANT Youth Ministry.  The group leader prints out the pattern & instructions for each member of the group.  They all, helping each other, make their puppets, write, rehearse and perform -  A Great VBS Activity but I would advise each youth leader to make a puppet or two before sharing with the class.  This will give you assurance as you present it all to them.

What about...

The young aspiring Ventriloquist who needs a test subject...  The puppeteer frightened by prices of puppets... The person who bought those nice looking puppets on the internet that turned out to be too small for your hands...

READ the FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions Page.  See the Pictures, READ the Reviews!  Puppetry is a fun, exciting and overall JOYFUL activity that is often accompanied by laughter.  First group encounters with your puppets as they communicate with each other (and nobody's paying attention to the puppeteers). This can get hysterical, keep the group focused on the presentation!

And if you have any questions along the way you will have my personal email address from and email I will send after you download my BiblePuppet Pattern & Instruction eBook.  The Website FAQ Frequently Asked Questions and the pattern instructions are pretty thorough but if ideas arise you will be able to drop me a note.  I will not add you to a mailing list, I will only send you one email to assure your download.  I will however, personally reply to your email if you have any questions.


Clif Desmond

Creator of BiblePuppet Pattern & Instruction eBook

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Over 12 Years on the Internet

For Over 12 years now BiblePuppet Website Founder, Clif Desmond has been turning people into puppet makers and inspiring puppeteers! The BiblePuppet Pattern eBook is one pattern that can be used to make as many professional-looking, mouth-moving puppets that you would desire to create. The pattern recommends pre-cut felt squares available in every fabric store or big department store craft department. Some have reported success using other materials such as fleece. This pattern is simple enough for the beginner, yet valuable to the professional puppeteer who needs puppets right now! See the many ideas others have shared, click around this website, Q & A, Testimonials and Internatinoal. You will LOVE this handy, instant puppet-making tool! Clif Desmond's "BiblePuppet" Pattern was designed to offer you a simple method for creating very nice, moving-mouth puppets using inexpensive, easy-to-find materials. Beginners find it easy and Puppet Professionals love the basic design which allows you, the puppet maker, to be very creative! The BiblePuppet Pattern & Instruction eBook is like a seed, when nurtured properly, can sprout and spread, springing up new puppeteers, puppet clubs, groups and exciting Puppet Ministries! TRUE STORY: Once upon a time someone needed a bible puppet character. Puppeteer, Clif Desmond created a pattern that would allow anyone with even limited sewing skills to make a basic (human) puppet frame. The pattern was created so it could be printed out on regular copy or printer paper. The frame consists of a half-body (waist up) moving-mouth puppet with individual fingers on each hand. Be sure to click around and see pictures of these puppets! Materials are inexpensive, 9 by 11 inch felt squares line up perfectly with the printed out pattern pieces. Advanced craftsmen have experimented with this pattern using more expensive fleece cut into 9" x 11" pieces and reported outstanding results. Felt however is highly recommended by Desmond who likes the way it stretches in just the right places adding character. These puppets can last a very long time if covered in plastic when not in use. The average price of these felt squares is twenty cents each at most fabric and department store craft sections. Just a few dollars more for hair, which can be made from fake fur, yarn, wigs, etc. and the LARGE ROLLING EYES, all available in the craft section or your local fabric store! Clothing options are endless, these puppets easily fit into toddler T1 and some T2 sizes. Puppet pattern e-Book comes with a simple diagram for making biblical era garments.


My Earliest Puppet Recollections

-Clif Desmond


My earliest recollection of being interested in puppets was at the age of 3 or 4, fascinated with Shari Lewis and her ventriloquism! I also remember Kukla, Fran and Ollie (we are talking the early 1960's), Danny O'Day and Farfel and on Channel 5 in Boston, we had Bozo the clown, a program that featured puppets and costumed characters. I remember making a puppet out of cardboard in third grade and then experimented later with old socks! Before too long I was the oldest kid on the block who enjoyed watching Sesame Street and I took a lot of ridicule until I made a bunch of puppets, a stage and started doing puppet shows everywhere! The schools and churches had plenty of work for me to do but I soon discovered that people paid good money to have puppet shows at birthday parties! As a young adult I still enjoyed doing puppets but was not making enough money to pay the bills so I got into Radio Broadcasting. As that career flourished I still found myself making puppets and doing shows.... There were costume puppet mascots, live remote broadcasts, grand openings and benefit fund raisers. Yes, as far back as I can remember, puppets have always been a major part of my life! I often dreamed of some day passing the ability on to some young enthusiastic person. I know that just the right amount of encouragement can mean a lifetime of fun in a field such as puppetry! Over the years, my broadcasting career progressed into television production. Somewhere in the middle I learned how to make websites and stream audio and video on the internet. I suddenly and literally woke up one day and realized that I had a lot of fascinating resources that I could now utilize in order to create puppets and pass on the ability to MANY! BiblePuppet Dot Com was BORN!!! I owe a lot to E-Bay and some of the people who buy and sell puppets there. Without them I would have never discovered the demand for certain kinds of puppets. Having had a lot to do with ministry most of my adult life, I realized how expensive puppets were (if you have to buy them). I have always seen a need for resources in the area of Children's Ministry. Too often churches simply don't have a budget for the kids and even more often, the children's church pastor or Sunday School teacher pays for resources out of their own pocket! BiblePuppet Dot Com makes puppetry affordable. The pattern provides exciting group activity! Serving Children's Ministries, my puppets are VERY EASY to make but do require adult supervision because of the use of scissors, sewing needles and melted hot glue. The materials required to make your BiblePuppet are inexpensive and easy to obtain. Everything you need can be found in your local Wal-Mart, Fabric Store or Craft Shop! I simply want to make puppetry affordable to Children's Ministries. If you purchase my pattern you are encouraged to use it to make as many puppets as you need. Once you build your first BiblePuppet you will experience an excitement that will make you a BiblePuppet fan for the rest of your life! In fact, it's contagious! There is nothing that generates more excitement in kids of all ages than a well-rehearsed puppet show! What a way to get a message across! Best of all, if you don't have time to create your own BiblePuppet, I still put them together for folks once in a while! I also ask that you tell everyone you know that has anything to do with Children's Ministry about BiblePuppet.com! Just say "Bible Puppet Dot Com!!" BiblePuppet.com is a great resource for your Children's Ministry.  Would you help by adding a link to my website from your FaceBook or website?



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