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So, what about the PARANORMAL?  If it is there, will you continue to deny it or would you rather understand it...


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As stated many times on my profile,

It's not about me, it's about YOU

and your Stealth Light Within.

This refers to your very own inner-being.

Your own spark of divinity we were all

created WITH.




Your Stealth Light Within

The Christian Whistle Blower

Create Your Own Universe!

Clif Desmond


  Television and Radio Production, Social Networking, Spiritual Empowerment  








Clif Desmond has spent most of his life as a radio broadcaster in several Florida markets and 2 in Virginia.  With extensive experience in Christian Radio and Television, including the director of a local Praise the Lord TV show for the Trinity Broadcasting Network, Desmond has worked as a Christian Education Director for a church in St. Lucie West, played in a Country-Gospel Band in both Florida and Virginia and has been on a quest since age 14 for just a few answers.  He has turned down Assistant Pastor job offers with several high-profile preachers and evangelists.   He has not legitimately missed a day's work since August 1979.  Desmond is currently promoting Jeffrey Daugherty, aka The Christian Whistle Blower, author of The Apostle Paul Antichrist and is on a quest to alert mankind to the deception and manipulation in the formulation of The BIBLE and to expose those who continue to perpetuate a Fear, Control and Manipulation MATRIX.    Please make a donation or show your support by downloading some of his Crystal Ball Videos, sure to excite and enlighten your spirit...