WHAT IF you could make confirmed contact with the spirits that dwell around you?    The use of what is known as a SPIRIT BOX has been around for a while but has anyone really looked into this ELECTRONIC VOICE PHENOMENON (EVP)?    I recently conducted some experiments and it appears that I have found a group of entities that dwell in my home.    I can just imagine you rolling your eyes right now, as I did but take a listen to what I have recorded for you, then YOU TELL ME how this can be so randomly coincidental.  These sessions are far more than convincing!  You may listen to a short audio feature that I created for you that features part of a session that I recorded!  You may CLICK to LISTEN HERE or right-click then Save As to download this

Clif Desmond's Electronic Voice Phenomenon

Hello Dear Ones,

About, who I refer to as, the Children of Darkness, I do so because many, over the centuries have had the consciousness of their own LIGHT snuffed out by ideology. TODAY, I see many who snuff their own LIGHT OUT and whenever it starts to give fresh LIGHT they snuff it out again...

REVEAL YOUR OWN STEALTH LIGHT WITHIN to remedy this global problem...


Goddesses, Mediums and all Dear Ones,

Wake Up! Wake Up! Found a lot of confirmation from listening to my neighbor, Jeffrey Daugherty. My path has been very similar to his, however I was still questioning my sanity while Jeff was doing his homework. Jeff has been able to answer the deep questions that have disturbed me up until I finally began consciously acknowledging them...

Please - - - - - - HEAR HIM OUT

Check out his page and his videos on YouTube and READ HIS BOOK! Apostle Paul Antichrist! http://www.ChristianWhistleBlower.com


Are you ready for a whole NEW reality?

Greetings Dear Ones


Perhaps you have noticed...

Are your wildest dreams manifesting yet?

Some in areas of love...

Some by way of travel...

Some imagine wealth...

Has ANYTHING in your life changed RECENTLY?

Be careful what you wish for...

Be careful what you imagine...

As you become more and more enlightened

you will find your will and intentions

become more powerful...

You imagination alone has the power to

change everything in your life...


Do not resist this, accept it as a gift

from the universe...


Here is an explanation of the problem YOU are experiencing.

It could be inner resistance from your intellect. Your own intellect can attack your spirit and affect your health...

When humans are TAUGHT in society and religion they hold high value to the education they PAY FOR and BELIEVE strongly when they are TAUGHT in the areas of religion. Today's society LACKS SPIRITUALITY due to a "dumbing down" effect that has taken place over the last 2000 years.

Yahashua (name 1400 years later changed to Jesus) warned about someone who might say they SAW HIM in the desert. A MAN made this claim. Both a Pharisee and a Roman Saul of Tarsus was an agent for Rome.

TODAY, after 2000 years we enter yet another new day where the light of science and education has increased. Our own generation doesn't even blink when we say the earth is round and revolves around the sun yet Galileo suffered LIFE in PRISON for heresy because, "it is written, the sun riseth and the sun setteth"...

Today we can verify information from HISTORICAL RECORDS and other documents that were not destroyed when Rome snuffed out Jerusalem in 71AD.

That inner resistance experienced when your spirit begins to WAKE UP within you. Your inner being (self) begins to reveal your own gifts to you. Immediately your academic intellect, which contains all MEMORIZED DATA will attack your spirit with inner turmoil. Your inner spirit is your very Divine presence, connected to an even bigger Divine presence of Love, Peace and Light which RELIGION can rob you of and place your mind into Fear, War and Darkness.

This resistance within is a battle for the control of your mind between your Spirit and your Intellect. Spirit VS Academically manufactured thought control. Which will YOU, your SELF allow to win?


How do you KNOW you have broken FREE?

You WILL know, there will be PEACE WITHIN no matter what anyone ever says and no matter what ever happens, you will have a peaceful understanding. Others will not like your boldness. They want you to be afraid because they are terrified because they suddenly realize that EVERYTHING they have stood upon has been sand all along.

Break Free. You have ANSWERED ALL THE QUESTIONS your entire life. STOP ANSWERING QUESTIONS. Seek answers from WITHIN YOURSELF. Observe all things... Your Intellect will lead you to greed and all that it takes. Your Spirit will guide you toward Truth. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE between your spirit and your Academia.

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The goddesses continue to gather.

in greater numbers, ages and connections.

Understanding far more from within

than those of us who dwell without.

What is going on here?

We are at ground level watching something

big, something spectacular to rise and shine

upon us in a spectacular glory. Then it happens.

We experience the sunrise.

We bask in the awesome light.

Just as

with another

awesome light

in which all have


Time for the REVELATION of

The GODDESS within

to everyone

born of a MOTHER...

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Scroll deep on FaceBook's Stealthlight Within Profile, it goes back

a couple of years. Here you will find

some time documented revelation that

leads up to some major changes that

have taken place here upon the earth since.

WE KNOW we have been deceived

for many, many generations.

Now we know why.

Now we understand.

RELIGION are the chains that

bind the goddesses.

They predict a coming destruction

and they work to keep you afraid.

But WE KNOW what that

coming destruction is now...

When TRUTH appears

BELIEF rejects it.

TRUTH is appearing everywhere right now.

This is part of the change our cultures fear.

SCRIPTURES turned into

story book form conceal

TRUTH in order to make a good

story book.

You might see a lot of reference here

to Jeffrey Daugherty. who has pointed

out how references to God in Genesis

refer to the Elohim, a council consisting

of many gods both male and female.

This justifies the verse stating that

said, (Let us make man in our own

image, both male and female)...

The Bible implies that a dark character

of evil intent of some sort was

cast down to the earth... Jeffrey Daugherty

has expressed the thought that this

was actually a character referred to as

the LORD in the Old Testament.


Have MEN been following the orders of

the Lucifer (deceived) because this

LORD character screamed,

"the LORD thy GOD" is ONE, perhaps

to intentionally distract you from the

Elohim who actually created the heavens,

the earth and ALL of it's inhabitants

including mankind.

Have you ever wondered how God could



The fearful ones TREMBLE.

Some believe the goddesses are MANifesting...


and an awareness of ATROCITIES against

women is everywhere. Those most fearful

are MEN who think they own their woman, a

trait that exists in many cultures today including

the good ole USA.

So what do we LOOK FOR as the GODDESS ARISES?

The "coming destruction" threat has always been

around. I feel as if the true coming destruction

actually occurs WITHIN OURSELVES.... Can we all

look around and SEE THIS already in some way?

Do you see those who, or ARE YOU destroyed within?

We all need to WAKE UP

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The GODDESES are RISING, they are manifesting...


This is NO SURPRISE for many of you... In fact,

many of you have been right all along... Much of this

women already understand but MOST MEN do not.

There are a handful of men who do. There is an even

bigger handful of those who know this and FEAR IT.

The rest either have no clue or simply ignore it.

I know a medium who is all lit up over the Jenner Factor...

I am told that a Goddess has broken through the

prison of being contained in a male body. She told

me that Caitlyn Jenner is a goddess who expresses

much Love and the whole world can see her.

Have you heard the cries of the fearful ones over this?

We shall not go there, we all get enough of it.

KEEP WATCHING there are many CHANGES coming

as people like Jeffrey Daugherty and there are

many, many Jeffrey Daughertys out there but the

rest must step away from the FEAR AND CONTROL



If you scroll WAY DOWN on my profile

you will see more on this.


Let the goddess ARISE in YOU!


As stated many times on my profile,

It's not about me, it's about YOU

and your Stealth Light Within.

This refers to your very own inner-being.

Your own spark of divinity we were all

created WITH.




Your Stealth Light Within


The Christian Whistle Blower


Create Your Own Universe!

Clif Desmond


  Television and Radio Production, Social Networking, Spiritual Empowerment  








Clif Desmond has spent most of his life as a radio broadcaster in several Florida markets and 2 in Virginia.  With extensive experience in Christian Radio and Television, including the director of a local Praise the Lord TV show for the Trinity Broadcasting Network, Desmond has worked as a Christian Education Director for a church in St. Lucie West, played in a Country-Gospel Band in both Florida and Virginia and has been on a quest since age 14 for just a few answers.  He has turned down Assistant Pastor job offers with several high-profile preachers and evangelists.   He has not legitimately missed a day's work since August 1979.  Desmond is currently promoting Jeffrey Daugherty, aka The Christian Whistle Blower, author of The Apostle Paul Antichrist and is on a quest to alert mankind to the deception and manipulation in the formulation of The BIBLE and to expose those who continue to perpetuate a Fear, Control and Manipulation MATRIX.    Please make a donation or show your support by downloading some of his Crystal Ball Videos, sure to excite and enlighten your spirit...