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We all have the ability to fully function in the spiritual realm AS A SPIRIT...  This is what we are.  We have been blinded to our own spirituality through religion, fear, control and manipulation for thousands of years.  It doesn't take a theological doctorate to understand spirit.  In fact, academic theology appeals only to your 5 senses and denies you the knowledge of the truth of spirituality in your own life.  Theology can obscure spirit and truth.

Setting our human senses and man-made theology aside, when we function as a spirit, we become very familiar with other human and non-human spirits...  I have seen the same spirits that tickle funny bones in churches, carry out curses spoken by witches.  

Your own best kept secret is your human spirit which I fondly refer to as, "Your Stealth Light Within"...

The Blind CAN Successfully Lead the Blind

Helen Keller Did NOT fall into a ditch with her students....  By the way, she was also deaf... So those who have an ear can LISTEN whether they can hear or not...

Clif Desmond

Is it possible that 2/3rd of the New Testament might be fraudulent?

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Scientific Errors in the Bible

List of Biblical Contradictions

10 Biblical Errors

Historical Biblical Inaccuracies

The Problem with the Apostle Paul

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Have you ever looked into a crystal ball to actually SEE what goes on?  Here is your opportunity to download and study these crystals.  Keep in mind that the microchips that store DATA are made of the same materials as the crystal balls.  My theory is, the Earth's data is stored in crystal deposits all over the world.  Here is your chance to explore and decide for yourself.


My Galaxy Crystal appears to contain a LIVING GALAXY that really comes to life when a camera is factored in...

VIDEO DOWNLOAD:  The Galaxy 1 0f 2

VIDEO DOWNLOAD:   The Galaxy 2 of 2

This page is under construction, please bookmark it and visit often.  May you be free from the fear and bondage of religion and experience PEACE WITHIN!

These still shots from the VIDEO you may download are the same crystal ball.  The Goddess Crystal was an experiment using a penlight.  The results will absolutely amaze you!

VIDEO DOWNLOAD: Crystal Ball Outdoors

VIDEO DOWNLOAD:  The Goddess Crystal

VIDEO DOWNLOAD:  Awesome Effects  Added

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