Story Behind This Puppet

BiblePuppet Logo was first prototype


By: Clif Desmond


This puppet was the very FIRST puppet made with the BiblePuppet Pattern & Instruction ebook, which I published in August of 2001. He was the prototype and is the very same puppet you see in the BiblePuppet logo today!

An entire series of BiblePuppet characters were created in order to show others how easy and inexpensive it is to make your own professional-looking, moving-mouth puppets that look just as good on video and camera as any of the other puppets we see all over the internet!


The concept started with the curiosity of an 8 year old with puppetry back in the 1960’s. There was plenty of inspiration available then as television offered everything from Shari Lewis and Lamb-Chop to Danny O’Day (and Farfel), Kukla, Fran and Ollie… Of course if this youngster watched TV from a local station in Boston he was also very much aware of the work of Ed Spinney.


There is nothing like learning as you go, experimenting with ideas and concepts. By age 15 our subject was performing puppet shows at birthday parties, club houses, schools and churches.

Puppetry is something that stays with you throughout your life. It never completely goes away. I have often thought about this boy since I was the one who walked in his shoes back then. There was no internet in those days. Everything was trial and error, ad-lib, improvisation and fun…. In fact….. A LOT of FUN!


(All together now)

How Fun is it?


If you have ever been to a puppet show or enjoyed the work of a great ventriloquist you will understand… However, there are a few in each crowd that watch, amazed with the skills and the design of the puppets, a fire is ignited inside and they are inspired to participate. Some of these will seek to absorb as much information as possible, feeding the inspiration and puppeteers emerge!


Fun creates more fun. Laughter creates more laughter (and can be contagious). Puppetry creates creatures that are not real that you will look at and talk to!


Puppetry is an illusion created by expression.


Today we can use the internet to learn everything to be known about all the great puppets and puppeteers of yester year as well as the inspiration from the great ventriloquists and puppeteers of today. These are the the Jeff Dunhams the Henson people, the Terry Fators… More are to be revealed in the years to come!

Perhaps that next big puppetry star is you?

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